My Fixed Bridge Makes My Life Easier

When I had a badly decayed tooth extracted, I got a partial denture to fill in the gap. I didn't mind it at first, because I was just so happy to have my painful tooth out of my mouth. Over time, I began to get tired of taking it out at night. I asked my dentist if I was could get a dental implant, and he said that my gum disease did not make me a good candidate, but a fixed bridge may be a good option for me. I went with his suggestion, and I have no regrets. I love feeling like I have a real tooth again that I don't have to remove at night. I created this blog to remind other people with a missing tooth that they have many replacement options, and if one is not for you, then try another that may be right.

How Dental Implants Can Impact Your Life For The Better

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Having missing teeth can affect a lot of different aspects of your life. For example, your self-confidence when out in public may take a hit. Fortunately, dental implants exist. They can replace missing teeth and improve your quality of life in so many ways. 

Provide a Complete Smile

The obvious benefit of getting implants put in by a dentist is the complete smile you'll have afterward. There will no longer be noticeable gaps between teeth, which enables you to smile with confidence no matter what the occasion is.

Whether you're out with friends or going to an important work meeting, with a complete smile, you no longer have to fear people judging your physical appearance. You can just be in the moment and get more out of life. Your complete smile will look extremely authentic as well. 

Easier Time Eating

Chewing on certain food items with missing teeth can be quite a challenge. This is particularly true for foods that require a lot of force and movement, such as steak and chicken. When you get dental implants put in your mouth, you'll be able to chew normally again.

You can bite into foods with confidence knowing that your implants will remain structurally sound. That being said, there are things you do want to avoid so that your dental implants don't chip. These include hard candy and certain nuts. Taking these precautions will help your implants last a long time. 

Added Convenience

There are several ways cosmetic dentists can fix gaps in between teeth. For example, dentures can be used. Unfortunately, these likely have to be taken out of your mouth every day. A more convenient way to deal with missing teeth is to have dental implants put in.

They're placed directly in your jaw. After the gums have healed, a strong foundation is created for the post that the implant attaches to. You never have to take your implants out or worry about them falling out. They'll stay put no matter what you do throughout the day. This added convenience lets you focus on other important parts of your life. It will be like your implants are real teeth.

An event may happen that knocks some of your teeth out completely. You don't have to live with these results forever, thankfully. Dental implants can be secured in your mouth by a dentist, which can improve so many important areas of your life. It will be like you never even had missing teeth. 


10 October 2019