Why Toothbrush Size Matters

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It's bad enough that you get visually walloped by the sheer number of toothpaste types when you walk into the dental care aisle at a store, but do you have to be confronted by several different types of toothbrushes as well? If you want to choose the best toothbrush for your needs, you need to start narrowing down the features you require. One of these is size, and it's essential that you find the correct one because it has more of an impact on your brushing than you might realize.

12 June 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Cavities, The Most Common Dental Disease

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How much do you really know about cavities? They're easily one of the most common dental diseases and will affect the majority of the adult population. If left untreated, they can progress to extensive tooth decay that requires an expensive and invasive root canal. To protect your dental health, it pays off to learn all you can about them. Here's all you need to know about what causes cavities, how to prevent them and how a family dentist treats them.

13 May 2018

How To Teach Good Dental Habits To Your Kids

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If your kids are to grow up with good oral hygiene technique and good dental health, then they have to master good dental hygiene techniques at a young age. The best way for the kids to learn these techniques is for you to teach them. Here are a few tips to help you teach your kids oral or dental care: Use Educational Technology There are lots of multimedia products that are geared towards dental education, and many of them are targeted at kids.

8 April 2018

Is It Necessary To Have Teeth Removed Before Getting Braces?

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If you need adult braces because of tooth crowding, there's a good chance the dentist will recommend you have teeth removed to ensure there's enough room for the others to shift into the right places. While this may seem like a logical thing to do, having your teeth removed prior to getting braces isn't always wise. Here are a couple of things you need to consider before agreeing to get your teeth extracted.

13 March 2018

Pain Reduction Methods After Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are invasive. After all, an artificial tooth root is being placed in your mouth. This means that you likely expect some pain from the procedure. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can reduce your discomfort after the operation. Keep reading to learn about some options. Take Your Medication Some people do not like to take medication and will wait to take pain relievers once they feel pain. When it comes to dental implant operations, it is not a good idea to wait.

12 February 2018

3 Things A Root Canal Can Help You Avoid

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Root canals often get a bad rap, despite the fact that they can offer people many helpful benefits. If you've been told that one or more of your teeth needs a root canal, you might be looking for alternatives. However, avoiding a root canal means you may have to deal with these three problems later on as a result. Here are three dental problems a simple root canal can protect you from.

16 January 2018

Why Teeth Need Strengthening After Root Canal Treatment

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If you are preparing for a root canal treatment, your dentist may advise you to get the teeth strengthened. This may be necessary because teeth tend to weaken after root canal treatments, and this may shorten their natural life. Here are some of the specific reasons a tooth may weaken after a root canal treatment:   The Tooth May Be Harboring Preexisting Damage If a tooth is diseased to the extent that it requires a root canal intervention, then it is not surprising to think that it may also be harboring other forms of damage.

13 December 2017

FAQs About Treating Teeth Grinding With A Mouth Guard

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Teeth grinding can lead to a host of problems, including misalignment and tooth loss. Treating the problem is important. If your child's dentist has noticed signs of teeth grinding, he or she might recommend that your child wear a mouth guard while sleeping. If your child is supposed to wear a mouth guard, here is what you need to know: Why Wear a Mouth Guard? Wearing a mouth guard while sleeping might not seem like a reasonable method of dealing with teeth grinding, but it is a commonly used treatment that is highly effective.

19 October 2017

Gum Disease In Kids: Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Brushing and flossing are key to having a healthy and appealing smile, but certain conditions that affect the mouth, teeth, and gums may still arise. An estimated 50 percent of children have a form or periodontal disease, so understanding the signs and treatment options is smart for protecting your child's oral health. This guide will help you diagnose gum disease and ensure your child receives efficient and effective treatment. Signs of Gum Disease

19 October 2017

Insight To Help Your Child Learn And Practice Good Oral Health Habits

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Tooth brushing is an important part of good oral hygiene, and as a parent it is your responsibility to teach your child these good health habits. Here are some tips to help you teach them the right habits and skills as they grow and develop and begin to visit your family dentist regularly. Teach Them Early A good part of ensuring your child grows up with good oral health habits is to start teaching them how to keep a healthy mouth as soon as possible.

19 September 2017