Things to Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

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Do you have teeth that are less than perfectly white? Have you tried different types of whitening toothpaste but they haven't seemed to have made much of a difference? If you've tried different brands of toothpaste and your teeth are still yellow, you may have come to the erroneous conclusion that your teeth are permanently stuck in their current yellowed state. After all, toothpaste commercials often make it sound like they're just as good as a visit to the dentist.

13 December 2016

Bleeding Gums: The Precursor To Gum Disease And What You Can Do About It

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Although close to 60% of people suffer from bleeding gums at some point, it's important to understand that this is not normal. This can be a sign that you are developing gum disease, a problem that comes on slowly but can have long-lasting, irreversible effects if not treated properly. While early treatment includes consistent flossing every day and brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you may still experience gums that bleed periodically.

28 November 2016

Getting a Root Canal? Why to Avoid Drinking Alcohol Before or After Your Procedure

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The purpose of a root canal will be to remove all inflamed or infected pulp that is in the tooth. When you're experiencing pain inside one of your teeth that does not go away, this endodontic procedure can give you some much needed relief by actually removing the nerve that is damaged. It will salvage the tooth in the process, which should prevent the need for a bridge or dental implant.

3 November 2016

Tips For Reducing Infection From Your Dental Implant

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Having a dental implant is a great way to help fill out your smile, ensure that your teeth do not collapse around the gap, and generally make you feel more confident. However, a dental implant requires the dentist to make or deepen a hole in order to make sure that the dental implant can be put in so that it is deep enough and therefore stable. This hole can increase your risk of infection.

18 October 2016

Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Restorative Dentistry

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If you have missing teeth, you may have resigned yourself to living with it.  You may reason that getting dental implants or dentures is just too costly or that you'll get around to fixing your teeth later.  However, getting restorative dentistry is about much more than returning your mouth back to its former condition:  it offers a number of other benefits as well.  Use this information to learn why now is the time for you have restorative dentistry done on your teeth.

12 September 2016

3 Potential Causes Of Dental Implant Failure

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Having dental implants put in is a wonderful way to restore your confidence and full use of your teeth after tooth loss due to an injury, periodontal disease, and more. However, you might be concerned about your dental implant falling out. The good news is that many dental implants last for many years without any problems. There is the potential for dental implant failure, however, so watch out for these three potential problems.

12 September 2016

Heart Disease: What Your Teeth May Tell You About Your Heart

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Links have been found indicating there is a connection between heart disease and your gums. With heart disease taking the lives of over 610,000 people annually as the number one killer, don't you want to be sure you know the facts? Here are some of the similarities, comparisons, and risk factors you should consider. Traits are Common Approximately 50% of adults have some stage of gum disease and signs of many other health problems.

23 August 2016

First Time Having Gingival Flap Surgery? Here's What You Need To Know

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Gingival flap surgery is used to treat cases of severe gum disease (periodontal disease). If this is your first time having the surgery performed, you likely have many questions and concerns regarding the advanced procedure. Here's what you need to know. Why Gingival Flap Surgery Is Performed When gum disease reaches advanced stages, the infection causes tissue damage around your teeth. Due to the damage, you end up with pockets between your gums and teeth.

3 August 2016

Three Reasons To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Everyone has their wisdom teeth removed, right? Not so fast. Some studies are coming out saying that you don't necessarily have to have your wisdom teeth removed. As with any medical procedure, there are some small risks associated with having your wisdom teeth removed. Thus, before you have your teeth removed, you should have a conversation with your dentist about whether you need to.  Impacted Molars Molars become impacted when they cannot break out of your jawbone.

18 July 2016

Orthodontic Pain Got You Frowning? 3 Simple Ways To Alleviate The Discomfort

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If this is your first time having your braces adjusted, you might not have been prepared for the pain and discomfort that accompanied the procedure. Each time you have your braces adjusted, the orthodontist will either tighten, bend, or replace the arch wire, which is the metal band that stretches across the front of your teeth.  Each time your archwire is adjusted, your teeth will shift their position, which can cause pain.

29 June 2016