My Fixed Bridge Makes My Life Easier

When I had a badly decayed tooth extracted, I got a partial denture to fill in the gap. I didn't mind it at first, because I was just so happy to have my painful tooth out of my mouth. Over time, I began to get tired of taking it out at night. I asked my dentist if I was could get a dental implant, and he said that my gum disease did not make me a good candidate, but a fixed bridge may be a good option for me. I went with his suggestion, and I have no regrets. I love feeling like I have a real tooth again that I don't have to remove at night. I created this blog to remind other people with a missing tooth that they have many replacement options, and if one is not for you, then try another that may be right.

Common Options For Treating A Missing Tooth

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There is a high number of young people who are losing their teeth earlier due to a change in lifestyle, involvement in contact sports and poor eating habits. For example, people who snack in between meals and consume sugary drinks are more likely to develop tooth decay which then leads to tooth loss. The following are common options open to those who have lost a tooth.


Dentures are the most common method used to replace teeth. However, many denture wearers say that the dentures are insecure and uncomfortable, and that they often feel that the dentures will fall out. This is particularly true for people who have a full set of dentures.

Some people who wear dentures have found that the adhesives will help them to secure the dentures in place and can improve the efficiency with which they chew their food and talk. While this is not an ideal solution due to the fact that dental adhesive can loosen when it comes into contact with water, it is nonetheless one of the few solutions that denture wearers have. Sadly, many people who wear dentures have had to give up their favorite water sports because of the fear that their teeth may fall out or get lost during the activity.

Dental Implants and Bridges

Today, there are many other options in existence for replacing teeth, such as dental implants and dental bridges. While dentures may be more affordable, dental implants and dental bridges are more comfortable and they also offer a better long-term solution.

Similar to dentures, dental implants and bridges have certain benefits and drawbacks. Dental bridges are an ideal solution for people who are missing just one or two teeth. It might also be a solution for people who lack enough bone to conduct dental implants. However, the very nature of a dental bridge means that the adjacent teeth must be shaped in order to support the bridge.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

People who have missing teeth will benefit the most from a dental implant. This is because healthy adjacent teeth do not need to be filed down in the case of a dental implant. In addition, each tooth is treated individually. This means that if a particular problem exists with one tooth, the dentist can treat that singular tooth.

If you are considering replacing a missing tooth, it is best that you talk to your dentist about which treatment option is best for you. By completing a thorough examination and consulting with your dentist, you will be able to make a wise decision on which option to take.


11 February 2015