My Fixed Bridge Makes My Life Easier

When I had a badly decayed tooth extracted, I got a partial denture to fill in the gap. I didn't mind it at first, because I was just so happy to have my painful tooth out of my mouth. Over time, I began to get tired of taking it out at night. I asked my dentist if I was could get a dental implant, and he said that my gum disease did not make me a good candidate, but a fixed bridge may be a good option for me. I went with his suggestion, and I have no regrets. I love feeling like I have a real tooth again that I don't have to remove at night. I created this blog to remind other people with a missing tooth that they have many replacement options, and if one is not for you, then try another that may be right.

4 Aftercare Tips For Teeth Whitening

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When you have your teeth whitened, you want to ensure that you have long lasting results. This way, the costs that you have put into whitening your teeth do not go to waste. In order to ensure long lasting results, you will want to follow up with great aftercare. Here are four aftercare tips to follow:

  1. Avoid Certain Foods For 48 Hours: After your teeth have gone through the teeth whitening process, you want to avoid certain foods and drinks because your teeth are more vulnerable to heavy staining during this time. Foods and drinks to avoid include berries, wine, tea, coffee, and even chocolate. Avoiding these foods during the first 48 hours is essential for long lasting results. However, even after 48 hours, you should still limit the amount of these foods that you are consuming. When you do eat or drink these things, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water to help wash away the staining effects. 
  2. Eat Certain Foods to Help Keep Your Teeth Clean: Even though there are foods to avoid, there are also some foods that you should consider adding more of into your daily diet. These foods include crunchy vegetables such as carrots and celery. These vegetables help scrub your teeth clean, which makes them perfect for munching on after a meal. Drinking milk also helps because of the nutrients in it that keep your teeth strong. This helps them heal faster after teeth whitening is done.
  3. Avoid Hot and Cold Foods and Drinks: When you whiten your teeth, your teeth become more sensitive because of the chemicals that are used on the surface of your teeth. When you eat or drink extremely hot or cold items, it can cause some sensitivity that can be deeply uncomfortable. If you are extra sensitive during this time, you should also consider purchasing a sensitive toothpaste that will help your teeth heal. 
  4. Chew Sugar-Free Gum:  Chewing sugar-free gum is another great way to keep your teeth clean after meals because it promotes saliva production, which helps wash away excess food particles. You should also do this if your teeth are too sensitive to brush within the first 24 hours of having the teeth whitening procedure done. 

When you follow these four tips for aftercare after having teeth whitening done, you can be sure that the results are as long lasting as possible. This way, you can lower the number of times you need to visit your dentist, one like Waterford Dental, for the process of teeth whitening.


5 May 2016